Sunday, December 30, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

Those who were freaked about Samsung Galaxy Note would love to hear that Galaxy Note 2 is available in the market. It has improved features over Galaxy Note like more processing power, better camera, S pen features and many more. Those who didn't like Galaxy Note's big size would surely be disappointed to hear that it's bigger. It's screen size is 5.5".
Samsung Galaxy Note II - Titanium Gray and Marble White


Comparing Galaxy Note, this one has more rounded rectangular design similar to Galaxy S3. It has a sleek design and looks pretty cool. It comes in two color - Titanium Gray and Marble White. The 5.5" design has surely surprised many people, but the success of Galaxy Note has given Samsung confidence to go for bigger screen size.

The volume rocker is located in the left side of the Galaxy Note II. The right side incorporate the power button.

Galaxy Note II view - Volume Rocker, Power button and S-pen

The 3.5 headphone jack is located on the top. The backside incorporate the 8 Megapixel Camera and Led Flash. The loud speaker is in the lower back.

Top Side

The bottom side has the MicroUSB come MHL port.

Bottom side

Processor and Memory

Galaxy Note II comes with super-fast 1.6 GHz quad-core Cortex A9 processor. It makes multitasking, gaming, smooth high definition video rendering faster than its predecessor.

It has 2 GB RAM compared to the 1 GB RAM of Galaxy Note.

Operating System

One of the most exciting part of new Samsung smart phones is the Android operating system. They are the best android phone producer. Galaxy Note II comes with Android 4.1.2(Jelly Bean). Jelly Bean comes with tons of new surprises that you will fall in love it. It's faster and more efficient than previous versions of Android.

Storage Capacity

Galaxy Note II comes with 16, 32 and 64GB internal memory. You can use up to 64GB external microSD card which enables you to have 128GB storage capacity in total. That's really super cool considering iPhone 5 doesn't have support for microSD.


Galaxy Note II comes with 8 MP rear camera with 3264x2448 pixel resolution. It can capture 1080p videos with 30 fps. This is the best camera any Samsung smartphone ever had. It is incorporated with new technologies to make picture quality better.

It also has 1.9 MP front camera for video calling.


Galaxy Note II is packed with 3100mAH battery. It is removable and more powerful than other smartphone batteries. This smartphone is powerful and use more energy. Samsung has done a good job with the battery. Even with the multitasking, calling and surfing it generally last a day.
It has standby time or 250 hours for 3G and 300 hours for 4G. The talk time, music play time, video play time and internet use time is 15 hours, 40 hours, 7.5 hours and 9.5 hours respectively.


When releasing the Galaxy Note II, Samsung boasted that it has the best of both smartphone and tablet. I think what they really meant is the improved multitasking facility that comes with Galaxy Note II. You can use it more like a tablet. You can  re-size windows, doing other tasks while watching videos and much more. The pop-up window will help a great deal in this.

S-Pen Stylus

S pen has been improved much and lots of new functionality has been added. Auto shape detecting, quick command and air play feature is some of them. With air play feature, you can do task without actually touching the screen. Quick command helps to open an application just by writing the name of the apps.

Other Cool Features

It also has every functionality a smartphone should have. The S voice feature has been improved. You can call, write text and give command through voice. Samsung Galaxy Note II has smart technology to detect what users want to do. You can start a call just by taking the cell close to your ear.

Samsung Galaxy Note II is a great addition to their smart phone series. They have proved once again that they are the real competitor of Apple's iPhone. It's bigger size and extra cost is not being that much of a problem for the users. The extensive success of it proves that easily. It has been sold over 5 million just after the two months of its release.

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