Friday, October 21, 2011

Nokia N9 Review

These days we are very careful about choosing our cell phones. We are looking for better performance, better access and lots of facilities. In 2011, many top brands mobiles have been released. We all know Nokia is one of the most popular brand in the market. It is because of their high performance mobiles. Nokia have released something very special this September. It is a smartphone, Nokia N9. It’s based on the MeeGo “Harmattan” mobile operating system. It is first MeeGo based phone from Nokia. It has been released in three colors, black, cyan and magenta also. All the colors are stunning. You need to choose the one that suits you best.
Nokia N9 Smartphone

Stunning Color choice of Nokia N9

Nokia N9 comes with lots of feature . this phone was announced on June 21, 2011 at Nokia connection event in Singapore and Nokia had decided to introduce it to public within September 2011.  Users can collect it thorough Nokia store in their country and get notified about its availability through email.

This Nokia N9 is featured with 3.9 inch capacitive touchscreen. Screen resolution is 854×480 pixel and capable to display 16.7 million colors. This screen is covered by a scratch resistant corning gorilla glass. This screen is better for daylight because of its anti-glare polarizer. It has a light sensor to adjust the brightness.
Nokia N9 is powered by OMAP 3630, it’s a system based on a 45 nanometer CMOS process and includes three processor units. This 1 GHz ARM cortex A8 CPU is capable of running operating system and powerful applications.

This device has GPS with optional A-GPS function. You can enjoy faster and easier Internet access through WI-Fi which is 802.11 a/b/g supported. It can help you to find your ways by Nokia maps. This map is similar to Ovi maps which is integrated at recent Symbian phones. This Nokia N9 is also integrated with contact and calender application.

This smart phone has an auto focus function with dual led flash and its optimized for 16.9 or 4.3 aspect ratio. Camera of this N9 has 4x digital zoom option for both video and camera. It’s a 8 mega pixel camera and pretty powerful camera. So you can enjoy the better picture or you can share those on your social networks.
Stunning!!!, Isn't it?

On this device you have lots of  connectivity option like wlan, Bluetooth 2.1 +EdR micro, USB 2.0, GPS and A-GPS, 3.5 mm AV conector , NFC, micro SIM card and FM transceiver. Nokia N9 is also compatible with four different band networks ,850/900/1800/1900. It is compatible with HSDPA cat 10, which provides you upto 14.4 mbps speed by 3G network and its HUSPA cat6 is also impressive. It can provide you upto 5.7 mbps speed. You can store more with it s 16 or 64 GB on board memory and 512 NAND(ROM), memory but there is no removable storage.

This is a great smartphone no wonder. The MeeGo Harmattan Platform has some cons. So, it may not run all the applications. This is the first and also the last smartphone by Nokia to run the MeeGo Harmattan operating system. So, there won’t be regular updates. If you want to run all kinds of software and customize your smartphone often, this may not be your best choice. Everything else works fine on this smartphone and the looking is also great. The internet browsing is very fast too. If you are not going to try all kinds of software in it and want to use it’s  for basic tasks, this smartphone may be a great choice for you.

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